The AEC Software Alliance

AECSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Information Technology and its application in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Facilities Management market place. As a neutral organization that understands both the AEC/FM and IT communities, we can facilitate the research and development of new technologies, business models, and the implementation of open industry standards while helping to build healthier companies and a stable, technologically diverse marketplace that better serves the needs of the Building Industry.

Ways We Can Help

Conduct focused research on emerging technology and their possible application to existing AEC processes and business practices. Provide technical resources for industry partners and educational institutions in the development of new technologies and processes. Assist AEC software companies in the assesment of their existing technology platforms, and develop noninvasive "bridging" technology solutions to achieve adoption of new technology and real time interoperability between existing products.

Provide purpose built software development kits (SDK's) for common Integrated Development Environments (IDE's), packaged and open-source code base libraries, and platform specific implementations of widely accepted AEC industry data exchange formats. This would reduce the risk to software companies adopting new technologies by allowing them to focus on their core competencies and reduce the capital resource and staffing necessary to implement inter-operable functionality into their existing products.

Develop educational programs that encourage awareness between the AEC and IT communities, creating better synergy between the AEC and Technology sectors. AEC programs such as VDC, BIM, Sustainability, Lean, and IPD can benefit from the emerging technology in parallel processing, virtualization, cloud computing, mobile, and web technology. This would allow technology professionals to better understand the broader range of needs within the AEC market and allow AEC professionals to understand how they can better adopt and leverage technlogy to meet their business goals.

Focused educational programs for AEC software industry professionals would help create awareness of new software development related technologies and methodologies such as Social Coding, Object-Oriented Programming, Platform Independent Programming Languages, Test Driven Development, and Agile Methodologies. Ultimately, allowing us to build better quality products and allow us to attract new talent into the AEC software industry that we have lost to other areas of the technology sector.

AECSA can provide a neutral forum in which to promote technical mind-share and collaboration within our industry while protecting the intellectual property of its constituents. The sole purpose of the open-source projects executed with the guidance of AECSA, it's members, and sponsors are meant to benefit the entire AEC Industry by adding to the functionality and value of the existing products we use today.

Software Companies that participate in AECSA will be able to benefit from the open-source projects that will primarily focus on the technical implementation of AEC industry standards, common interoperable functionality, and application communication standards. This allows software companies to add functionality to existing specialized products while still protecting their application specific IP. Building Owners and AEC Professionals will be able to chose from a diverse range of specialzed and interoperable products for to achieve true Integrated Building Lifecycle Management.

What's Next?

As we are a new organization, we have a lot of work ahead of us and we could really use your help and support. We have a long list of TODO's below, please email us if you can donate some of your time, expertise, and/or financial support to help us start this exciting new endeavor. We will be updating you on our progress using this list, our blog, and social media as we progress.

Industry Membership

  • Technology
  • Business & Legal
  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction
  • Owners & Government Agencies
  • Universities
  • Scientific Institutions


  • Capital Resource Donations
  • Technology Resource Donations
  • Intellectual Capital

Technical Infrastructure

  • Idea Management Systems
  • Social Coding Environments
  • Define Coding Standards & Best Practices
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Virtual Collaboration Environments
  • Shared Compute Resources
  • AECSA Website Development

Legal Matters

  • Organizational Charter
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Form The Board of Directors
  • Organizational By-Laws
  • Transparent Budget & Accounting Systems
  • File for Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Status